Brian Arthur’s redomaining as a way to think about "cloud"? Same task – new toolkit. Review to come.


“Innovations in history may often be improvements in a given technology – a better way to architect domes, a more efficient steam engine. But the significant ones are new domainings. They are the expressing of a given purpose in a different set of components, as when the provision of power changed from being exprssed in waterwheel technology to being expressed in steam technology.”

Brian Arthur, The Nature of Technology, 2009


If you seek the underlying patterns as I do, this is a fascinating meditation, theory, or indeed philosophy of technology. Stay tuned for an in depth review.

The Audioverse In Your Pocket – Applying technology strategy to public radio

Public radio, and radio in general, is at risk of disruption by new audio technologies (podcasts, etc). However there are interesting opportunities when a longer-term technology-strategy view is brought to bear.

This presentation is from an invited talk at the Australian ABC Radio National ( August 2009) as part of their strategic process.

Here’s how they describe themselves: “With over 60 distinct programs each week, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Radio National is different from any other radio station in Australia. Where else could you hear, for example, an exploration of ideas in science, followed by the latest in books from around the world, then a program about the mind and human behaviour?”

What do you think? What else do you see in the future of radio?