What do games bring us in the longer term? A must see video -The Game-ified Life

via kk.org

Wow! An amazing talk on our collective future from a top game designer. This is a must see. Everything as a point driven game.

To be fair, this is projecting a future from a single trend, and there are so very many other influences. Gaming is part of so very much today, and it taps a variety of base psychological biases, so very interesting to consider how it might ‘play’ out. Extrapolation of this type is important.

From Kevin Kelly’s site / via Techmeme – check out Kevin Kelly’s notes on the same vid. http://www.kk.org/thetechnium/archives/2010/02/the_game-ified.php

“It’s the last third of his talk where Schell really gets going. He offers a vision where ordinary life is gameified. Cheap tracking technology turns whatever you do into a “game” that accumulates points. As the gameification of life becomes ubiquitous, you go through your day racking up points and “getting to the next level.” Instead of getting grades in school you graduate to the next level. It’s a head spinning scenario, with lots to love and hate, but well worth considering.” Kevin Kelly