Hyperreality or cyberspace – real social media experts (philosophers) (essay from @andragy)

“Baudrillard’s hyperreality is not a map at all, but a participative process that may shape us, or may allow us to shape our surroundings. There is no other controller. Governance is our own hands but is set to mass agendas. The cybernetic loop has closed on postcapitalist society and cyberspace.”

This is dense, but well worth the read. This is also fascinating material to consider in greater depth. It provides a perspective well beyond the technological utopian view that pervades so very much of our industry.

(I also love the perspective of our society as a cybernetic loop — it fits very well with the dynamics of the IT industry, and provides an interesting counter-perspective on notions of ‘the singularity‘, suggesting that many elements of ‘merging with the machine’ are already at hand.)

Great Danah Boyd Interview (at SxSW) – realities of digital native, privacy and location

Great interview with Dana Boyd on her work at Microsoft Research – nice primer on realities of the web/social net for the “digital native”, and a couple of pointers on how location changes a lot of social games. If you prefer text, check out her articles at <a href="http://www.danah.org/.