This stuff really works – Santa Barbara Innovators Program

Santa Barbara (wikipedia)

Last week I visited entrepreneurs and intrepreneurs attending the Santa Barbara Innovators Program.

I was inspired and energized by catching up with everyone and their progress. In this program we have a great cohort of five external startups, and three intrapreneur teams going though an intensive 12 weeks of business, customer and technology validation. At week five, everyone is starting to crank out new insights – alongside lots of techniques for customer empathy, and business modeling. It’s amazing what can be achieved with 10 customer interviews every week.

The Innovators Program combines customer development, design thinking, leadership training, and a focus on what it takes to succeed in b2b startups. It’s a Citrix Startup Accelerator initiative that also runs in Raleigh, Santa Clara and Bangalore. And you might well ask why we have intrapreneurs alongside entrepreneurs. This is some of the secret sauce – the cross fertilization and inspiration between our internal teams and the startups is simply amazing.

This stuff really works.

Citrix Startup Accelerator, and our Innovators Program are part of the Citrix Technology Office, and are focused on Open Innovation by working with startups.

Here’s a brief list of participating companies and Citrix teams – for more see the Innovators Program Santa Barbara page.

  • Encanta (Citrix): Customer interaction for mobile apps
  • Recapit (Citrix): App to capture knowledge from live meetings
  • Voitrix (Citrix): Improved lead information for incoming calls
  • 222LabsIoT for environmental and event monitoringCapyx: Cap Table Management
  • Caugnate: 3d extension of video conferencing for remote collaboration on field service work
  • Milo: Wearable alcohol sensor that actively monitors blood alcohol levels
  • Sanwood: Long life IoT sensor technology

All are interested talking with potential customers, so let me know (@michaelharries) if I can make an introduction.

R0010569On the way back to Silicon Valley from Santa Barbara, I visited Hearst Castle with my daughter. Hearst Castle is an amazing mansion built high in the hills of the Central Coast of California. From it, there’s an amazing view all the way down to the ocean, it seems that you can see everything. The Innovators Program is all about giving a similar clarity of vision to innovators, whether startups or intrapreneurs. 

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