Niche play du jour – a ‘Public Folder for Gmail.

Google Blew It – And This Startup Seized The Opportunity

Microsoft Exchange, the company’s enterprise email suite, has this feature called Public Folder that enterprise users love that lets them share an inbox.

Businesses have been clamoring for that feature in Google Apps, Google’s web-based rival to Microsoft’s enterprise productivity software, for years.

And now French startup RunMyProcess has built it, calling it Shared Inbox.

RunMyProcess says it integrates neatly into Google Apps because it’s on Google Apps marketplace and, at $10/user/year, is cheaper than Microsoft Exchange. …

Leveraging cognitive shortcuts from one (well loved?) app into another?

I still find it fascinating that features like this, from a technical standpoint pretty much trivial, and for most of us just not part of the email experience, are so often the killer feature from business process perspective.

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