Contextual Security – Phones that Know Their Users by How They Walk

Smart Phones that Know Their Users by How They Walk

Biometric security is obtrusive–unless it’s on all the time, analyzing your gait.

Your smart phone is a hideous liability that renders you increasingly vulnerable to a host of fraudulent activities…

The problem is that unlike your bank’s website, you use your phone throughout the day, which makes tapping in a password over and over again so impractical that few users bother to lock their phones in this way. …

For passive biometrics to work, the more measures of the “youness” of you they can gather, the better. …

Gait analysis is a tried-and-true method of passive biometrics, your gait being a very individual and hard-to-imitate trait.

I love this alternative ‘context’ based security for mobile devices.

It raises some interesting practical questions … What happens on those rare occasions when one is actually doing some work, at a desk, for a couple of hours? Would you need to get up and walk to answer a call?

Would your doctor (or health insurance) insist that you use this?

Check out the original for more details.

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