Sledgehammer for privacy? Change Your Name to Escape Google Permanent Record

Google CEO Eric Schmidt has a great way of making public statements that are at once frank, unorthodox, thought provoking – and a little frightening. This weekend The Wall St. Journal ran an interview with Schmidt that offered tidbits like that on a wide range of topics. One statement in particular, that Schmidt thinks teenagers should be entitled to change their names upon reaching adulthood in order to separate themselves from the Google record of their youthful indiscretions, is something worth stopping to take note of.

It’s revealing that the privacy solution from Google is to ‘change your name’. The obvious question one might ask, is exactly how long this might work for if taken up by a significant proportion of people?

I would expect substantial competitive pressure for search engines to find the match. And indeed to force it to the front of the queue, much like the extremely frustrating google auto-correct option on possible mis-spelling. “Did you mean:”

In any case, read the original article for more info:…

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