TEDxSydney at Carriageworks May 22nd 2010

The crowd was cool, the coffee was hot. It rained so hard we had to swim the last block to Carriageworks for TEDxSydney but that sure beats swimming across the ocean to be part of the TED crowd in California or at TED Global in the UK later this year. (Michael???s going. Andra???s not.) 😦

Some TEDxiles even sat all day on the concrete in the frigid foyer in front of a giant TED screen just to be part of the event. Although there were plenty of activities that only happened in the ???forum??? including speaker Q&As chaired by?? Craig Reucassel, Red Room poetry, videos and music.

Some highlights of the event for Michael were:

Michael Cathcart – ???The Water Dreamers??? which described our transition from a nation of water hugging, bush fearing aliens in Australia who thought Lake Eyre was the heart of the land, to a more reconciled nation who recognize Uluru as our spiritual centre.

Andrew Kuper ??? ???Leapfrog??? the microinsurance business which aims to end world poverty. Andrew is a governance and globalization expert who is putting microfinance to work in a novel and profitable fashion.

Mr Percival ??? extraordinary vocal artist who lights up the stage with his love of performing.

Some highlights of the event for Andra were:

Greig Pickhaver (aka H.G. Nelson) ??? was very funny and very persuasive. HG for President! I would like to see all sporting spectators put on exercise bikes to power the grid. In fact, it doesn???t seem funny at all now.

Rob Adams ??? concrete visions for transforming cities into sustainable enjoyable places to live with twice the number of people. Melbourne is leading the way.

Fourplay ??? fab string quartet who ranged from modern classic to a kind of world metal in the final number with Bobby Singh.


END: Those who???ve been to a TED reckon that this was a TEDxtra good. And those who want a repeat will find the videos on TEDxSydney website soon. And so everyone left happy.

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