The structure of the Internet | Pew Internet & American Life Project

???I think we will have an outcome that is a hybrid of your two options. For many users, the end-to-end principle in its literal form is a pain–it means they have to install software and manage upgrades on a PC that is complex and insecure. Much better to take advantages of services that are professionally run. But I think the end-users will be able to maintain the ability to reach the content of their choice and use the applications of their choice. I think the crucial question is not where a function is located (at the end-point or from a service provider somewhere on the network), but the extent to which the end-user will preserve the right to choose providers that they decide to trust. The real question is about trust, not location.??? ??? David Clark, senior research scientist for the Next-Generation Internet, MIT professor

For #arin6902 I find the description of the end-to-end principle subsumed in the integrated internet application service model very interesting. As a number of other commentators in this report make clear. We are increasingly using the internet as an integrated delivery system. By removing hardware/software dichotomies we are potentially removing content freedom. The baby with the bathwater.

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