Open Kernel Labs Microvisor in 500M devices – Check out Citrix-OK Labs NirvanaPhone Webinar

Over the past twelve months, deployment Relevant Products/Services of OK Labs solution has doubled from 250 million mobile devices into more than 500 million devices. OKL4 now ships on cutting-edge smartphones such as the HTC G1 and G2, the HTC Hero, the Motorola Droid and Cliq, the Palm Pre, and the Toshiba TG01OK. Moreover, the OKL4 Microvisor now powers the world’s first and only commercially-available fully-virtualized Relevant Products/Services smartphone, the Motorola Evoke QA4.

OK Labs ( is a Citrix strategic partner; we’re doing some work with them in Citrix Labs around Android functionality; AND … we have a webinar coming up on realizing the Citrix Nirvanaphone with the OK Labs Microvisor. For more info:
(timing not great for Aussies, but there will be a recording)

Creating the future.

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