Cutting through the hype over cloud-based services | Telecom Asia

The problem with rebranding old ideas with a “cloud” moniker, however, is that it makes it all too easy for companies to jump on the hype bandwagon without fully understanding the basic concept, says Michael Harries, director of technology strategy and communications for the CTO office (and Citrix Labs) at Citrix Systems.

“Cloud is a broad range of things but we’re using the same term for all of them, so people are hearing the term ‘cloud’ from 40 different directions, and everyone you talk to has a different definition,” says Harries. “You talk to financial people and they say ‘I love the cloud’, but you drill down and they mean everything on the web.”

Also, the catch-all term “cloud-based services” can actually be broken down into a number of categories, according to Citrix: virtualization (virtual servers, storage, networks), resource management (multi-tenancy, usage monitoring, optimizing across the farm), application management (which components work, how they need to interact, availability and performance) and access & automation (role-based access control, self service and admin portal, policy based automation).…
Extensive, perhaps excessive, quoting of your’s truely:: 🙂

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