A great night at #momosyd – future of mobile internet and augmented reality du jour

This ‘augmented reality’ version of google maps came up in one of the tweets about tonights Mobile Monday Sydney (http://www.mobilemondaysydney.com/) from @marmarko in response to an excellent talk from @nambor of http://mob-labs.com.au/ on Augmented Reality covering history/futures and current work on augmented reality tours of http://sculpturebythesea.com/.

There was also a great talk from https://insqribe.com/index on their 2D bar code/augmented reality platform. I like their business model – “Augmented Reality is a feature, not a product”.

I talked on the future of mobility, the internet, human factors, and other sundry philosophies – this included big nod to a bunch of Citrix work including our new mobile device clients (Citrix recievers) and Citrix Labs efforts with OK Labs (http://www.ok-labs.com/) on the multi-image smartphone. After encouragment from @andragy, I used hand drawn slides, which seem to have hit the spot 🙂 (thanks everyone). Slides and commentary will be posted on slideshare around the end of the week.

This was a great night, and a great event.

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