A step toward the future of radio – Google Labs Launches Listen Podcast App (via @rww) [and a teaser for radio futures talk]


Great intro to Google Podcast App at http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/google_labs_launches_listen_podcast_app.php

This is just another example of the new flush of innovation around audio content. On this topic, last month I gave a talk at ABC Radio National (excellent Australian public broadcaster) on disruption and the future of radio. Radio networks like RN have an appealing opportunity to bring more web 2.0 into the audio only experience so as to retain their audience in the face of ongoing disruption. (Avoiding ‘red ocean’ competition http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_Ocean_Strategy.)

Key ideas:

  • audio only for much of the audience
  • twitter/web = radio/library
  • ‘age of mobile internet’
  • simplicity is key for mass adoption (and the podcast ain’t there yet)
  • crowd sourced ‘likes’ can automate/curate audio-only personalized programs

Stay tuned for a slideshare …

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