Legends of Innovation : Rodney Brooks on Robotics, ATP 11.8.09


Rodney Brooks is a Professor of Robotics at MIT and a founder of the robot companies Heartland Robotics and iRobot Corp. On Tuesday 11 August Rodney will be giving a presentation to high school students at the Australian Technology Park. If you are interested in robots and technology this is an event not to be missed. To book a place for you and your friends ask your school to email Peter.Edmonds@nicta.com.au Places are strictly limited.

After Rodney Brooks presentation all participants are invited to tour NICTA’s annual TechFest exhibition. See the latest Australian ICT research from laboratories around the country and talk to researchers about their work. Also see the University Of New South Wales Solar Racing Team’s Sunswift III solar powered vehicle that broke the world record for a solar car journey from Perth to Sydney. TechFest will remain open until 4:00pm.

There is also a robotic poster competition that students can enter and win great prizes!

It’s worth looking at the TED Talk by Prof Brooks amongst other interesting TED robotics videos.

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