Peer to Peer evolution as natural key decay – geeky cool – Self-Destructing E-documents –

Vanish uses a key-based encryption system in a different way, making it possible for a decrypted message to be automatically re-encrypted at a specified point in the future without fear that a third party will be able to gain access to the key needed to read the message.

The pieces of the key, small numbers, tend to ???erode??? over time as they gradually fall out of use. To make keys erode, or timeout, Vanish takes advantage of the structure of a peer-to-peer file system. Such networks are based on millions of personal computers whose Internet addresses change as they come and go from the network. This would make it exceedingly difficult for an eavesdropper or spy to reassemble the pieces of the key because the key is never held in a single location.

Neat – just neat.
Need to chase more details, but if as the article suggests then v interesting – big question – will it stand up to security specialists expectations?

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