Is this the power of twitter? Lessons from ecology/epidemiology for individual/organizational behavior shaping

We almost cannot conceive of a world without hierarchical organizational charts, mission statements, bounded departments, and clear sets of corporate rules and incentives.

All of this is about to change. You can think of the next decade as a decade of experimentation with new ways of organizing our society, including our economic and business activities. Beginnings of new organizational shapes already abound ??? from Wikipedia to volunteers taking over customer-support services for organizations. Turns out that being helpful to others can be its own reward.

It is perilous to predict what all the varieties of forms will be or whether we will converge into one dominant one. However, we can already see signs pointing to big shifts in how we will organize and think about work:

Emergence of Ecological/Epidemiological View of Markets and Behaviors. Recently, scientists have begun to apply an epidemiological lens to many social phenomena, such as happiness, obesity, criminality, health behaviors and others. Turns out that what we have traditionally seen as individual behaviors are shaped by others.

Interesting essay from Marina Gorbis of the Institute for the Future. Whether prophetic or not remains to be seen, but we live in _undoubtedly_ interesting times.

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