Robots in popular music – Paul Dempsey teams up with a robot waitress

For you, my friend, I give you the exclusive first listen to Paul Dempsey’s brand new tune ‘Ramona Was A Waitress’, from his debut solo record Everything Is True which is due for release August 14. (OK, so technically this isn’t Dempsey’s first solo record because he did release an album under the moniker Scared of Horses in ’98, but this is the first time he’s used his name.)

I could go on about this song, but instead I think I’ll let Mr Dempsey himself tell you about ‘Ramona Was A Waitres’:

“Ramona Was A Waitress… It’s an unusual song. It’s about a guy arguing with an artificial-intelligent robot waitress about mortality. Sort of an unusual subject for a pop song but that’s just what I was thinking about as I scrawled the lyrics. Artificial intelligence and conscious robots arguing about the meaning of life.

“The Ramona actually comes from… there’s a guy called Ray Kurtzweil who is an interesting character and he’s one of the foremost thinkers on artificial intelligence and what the future holds for technology. He created this program called Ramona that’s like an interactive person. As technology progresses he’s trying to build her up so she becomes more and more sophisticated and he hopes that one day in the future she will be essentially conscious. That’s the point he’s trying to make, that at some point in the future technology will be arguably conscious. I find that an interesting idea. I managed to pack it in to a pop song.

The lead singer of Melbourne band “Something for Kate” has just released the 2nd single of his new solo album. It’s about a guy arguing with an artificial-intelligent robot waitress about mortality.

I love examples of modern AI and futuristic thinking hitting modern culture.
Follow the link to hear the song.

In case you’re not familiar with SFK’s form, they have done this sort of thing before: the first song on their #1 selling Australian album from 2003 is about Max Planck ( [Matt] Link is from my bro in law Matt — apparently sister Suzy is a fan

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