Emerging Technologies | Galleries & Experiences | SIGGRAPH 2009

SIGGRAPH 2009’s Emerging Technologies presents innovative technologies and applications in many fields, including displays, robotics, input devices, and interaction techniques. The demos are available for attendees to try out and discuss with the creators.
Emerging Technologies includes a mix of works invited by the organizers and works selected from juried submissions to the SIGGRAPH 2009 online submission system.
A Multimodal Floor for Virtual Environments
A New Dual-Clickpad Remote Controller for Consumer Electronics
AmbiKraf: An Embedded Non-Emissive and Fast-Changing Wearable Display
An Interactive Retrographic Sensor for Touch, Texture, and Shape
Anthropomorphization of a Space With Implemented Human-Like Features
Baby-Type Robot: YOTARO
Back to the Mouth
Bloxels: Glowing Blocks as Volumetric Pixels
CRISTAL: Control of Remotely Interfaced Systems Using Touch-Based Actions in Living Spaces
Crystal Zoetrope
Digital Decal
Embodied and Mediated Learning in SMALLab: A Student-Centered Mixed-Reality Environment
Funbrella: Making Rain Fun
gCubik: Real-Time Integral Image Rendering for a Cubic 3D Display
Graphical Instruction for A Garment-Folding Robot
HeadSPIN: A One-to-Many 3D Video Teleconferencing System
Interactive Cooking Simulator
Jhai Sustainable Telemedicine Solution
Pen de Touch
PhotoelasticTouch: Transparent Rubbery Interface Using an LCD and Photoelasticity
Scratch Input
Sixense TrueMotion
Sound Scope Headphones
The Sleighing Simulator 2.0
The UnMousePad: The Future of Touch Sensing
Touchable Holography
Twinkle: Interface for Using Handheld Projectors to Interact With Physical Surfaces
Versatile Training Field: the Wellness Entertainment System Using Trampoline Interface
Virtualization Gate

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