Month: May 2009

Spoke at CeBIT Au WebForward on "Future of the Mobile Internet" – audience fantastic and tweeters too kind.

Summary video on the way.



  • Bpsmall_normal bphilly: Great futurist thoughts from Michael Harries (CITRIX). Devices in 2020 will be unrecognisable; the tools we create shape us. #cebitweb     – about 10 hours ago from TweetDeck ?? Reply ?? View Tweet

  • Oliverw_icon_normal oliverw: Dr Michael Harries speaking on the future of mobile at #cebit – 3 major trends: synthesis, society & awareness

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Citrix Synergy highlight – OLPC with Windows 7 XenDesktop – simple enough for even the CEO

With apologies to Mark Templeton, who carried off an excellent day one keynote – doing all his own demos (like congratulating a film star for doing their own stunts). Lesson for the day — Citrix is focused on making the end user experience simple, seamless, and as good as the best the web can offer. Just fantastic!

This tied in well with Garr Reynolds keynote session on PresentationZen — Simplicity is worth seeking, but never simple to attain.