Enterprise architecture as strategy – a bridge between IT and business. Relevant?

Ross, Weill and Robertson take a top down, strategic view of the enterprise architecture space. I like this broad scope and extremely practical view of how successful enterprises implement and view IT. In short the book brings IT to the center of defining and building the enterprise execution system with extreme care over where agility should be sought and where a capability should be locked into place.

This is NOT a book about technology. Rather it seeks to use MBA language to build a common ground between the business and technology.

Ross, Weill and Robertson define four basic types of operating model – Coordination, Unification, Diversification, and Replication. From a Citrix point of view each of these has implications for how a Citrix Delivery Center brings value.

My question — does anyone care about this stuff (EA as Strategy) beyond the Enterprise Architecture crowd?

The Demise of ???Form Follows Function??? – NYTimes.com

NEW YORK ??? If there was a (booby) prize for the most misused design clich??, a firm favorite would be ???form follows function,??? with ???less is more??? coming a close second.

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Tan Le, co-founder and president of Emotiv, with the Epoc headset.

I’m enjoying this article over a cup of tea… while arbitering a 7 year old cooking session. btw She’s just worked out how much 125g of butter is by herself by reading the label and halving 250g. I will have to ignore her pleas for help more often.