Tech Miscellanea part 7

MONDAY, APRIL 27, 2009

iTraffic – Traffic Awareness

iTraffic Australia has finally hit the App Store. This app is exciting for a bunch of reasons:

  1. First iPhone application explicitly focusing on ‘Awareness’ – rather than a particular task – I’ll blog more on this in the coming weeks as it’s an important emerging category of applications.
  2. It’s an outcome from Startup Camp Sydney (2). I participated in the weekend and it was an absolute blast with a great range of Sydney software and entrepreneurial types.
  3. My team built this application and business over the weekend, and the same team is still largely responsible for iTraffic Australia (with me acting as advisor, due to my Citrix responsibilities).
  4. I’m going to have the opportunity to talk about why ‘Awareness’ applications are important at CeBIT Sydney WebForwardconference. (I’ll also touch on the Citrix Receiver as a critical piece in the iPhone business-readiness puzzle. (built by the Citrix Labs team in Sydney))

Today iTraffic Australia provides audio focused reminders for school zones and traffic delays. Tomorrow …

Tech Miscellanea part 5


No common sense = catastrophic failure

As a once-upon-a-time machine learning expert, I know that Google recruited a batch of machine learning scientists. Very cool it seemed. But the reality … machine learning doesn’t have common sense no matter how good the machine learned criteria (see the story below). So, for mission critical elements like search, Google still??prefers to use human tuned criteria to avoid catastrophic failure. Fascinating – and an interesting lesson in trust for automated learning – although the notion of capturing common sense has been a preoccupation of machine learning and AI for a long while (e.g.??cyc).


does??use Machine Learning for Spam detection and no doubt in other areas as well.)??